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When they landed, they had to travel to the Graceland Wedding Chapel to get their next clue from the King.

Arriving at a nearby travel agency, Meghan & Cheyne found a British Airways flight leaving at pm, the earliest available.

But we kind of didn’t know the social game would be so strong. After we lied about it once, you can’t say, ‘Just kidding.

On the tumultuous journey the couple had taken up to this point, Nick said, "I think this race has allowed us to open our eyes and see the flaws we do have in our relationship. Running up to a counter, the dating couple asked for tickets on the flight, but discovered that they were too late to get on it.Pulling up to the airport, Brian said to Ericka "It's going to be funny to see their faces when we walk in." Indeed, when the married couple walked through the door, Meghan & Cheyne let out a huge cheer and ran over to hug and congratulate them.Being that this was the first time that Sam & Dan saw Brian & Ericka since stealing their taxi, the brothers apologized profusely to them, saying, "We know you hate us." Brian later remarked, "I forgive them, but I'm not gonna forget what happened.I still think it was a dirty move." VIVA LAS VEGAS Landing in Las Vegas, the three teams bolted out of the airport and into taxis with the stakes higher than ever.

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While the taxis jostled for position on the crowded roads of the city, all three teams arrived at the Graceland Wedding Chapel within moments of each other.

When they landed, teams had to drive to the De-Militarized Zone near the North Korean border and search for the Seungil Bridge.

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