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21-Jul-2016 00:12

I have always loved aviation, and what better way to get more enjoyment out of my passion of aviation than to jump into a virtual cockpit and blast around the skies? Unfortunately, flying around without a purpose quickly got boring. Initially, there were way too many options, from acrobatic groups to real life airline companies.

Getting into a big cockpit for the first time and seeing all those buttons was intimidating, but the plane was already started up so I did not need all these buttons. I eased the throttles forward and away I went, no flaps, no brakes set to RTO… FSX went back on the shelf, and I forgot about it for a year or so. Did I miss this when I first used a flight simulator? Judging by my previous experience with FSX, I knew I could not handle the big jets yet, and I decided something smaller would be more my style. I’d seen Ice Pilots on TV and absolutely loved the WW2 planes they use for cargo runs as well as the DC-3 chartered passenger flights.

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At Buffalo the youngest you have to be is 16, unless you have written permission from a parent or guardian.In theory, you could add all sorts of readouts and switches to a car to let the driver adjust the fuel-air mixture manually while driving, but it's generally not needed.Having actually taken a flying lesson once, I can say that for small aircraft (2-4 passengers) it can be fairly simple.If the pilot dies in a heart attack would I have any chance of making a safe landing or should I rummage around in back where the parachutes are kept. Here's the Master's column on passengers landing planes (

Or in an "Airplane" scenario would a small private/miltary pilot have any chance at landing a commerical plane. One thing that I'm wondering about is how many of those switches and readouts are really necessary on a minute to minute basis or even at all during a flight and how many are there just to make life a little easier, for that once in a lifetime emergency, or for regulatory reasons.The Wright brothers themselves performed the first aerobatic maneuver (a 360-degree banked turn) in September of 1904.

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