Updating esxupdate database

13-Jun-2017 16:32

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This method is appropriate for deployments with a small number of hosts.

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In terms of the order – you MUST get started with the upgrade of v Center – it’s impossible to upgrade ESX 4.0-U2 to ESX 4.1 without doing this before hand.2016-04-04TZ esxupdate: esxupdate: INFO: --- Command: scan Args: ['scan'] Options: 2016-04-04TZ esxupdate: Boot Bank Installer.pyc: DEBUG: Creating an empty Image Profile for bootbank /bootbank 2016-04-04TZ esxupdate: vmware.runcommand: INFO: runcommand called with: args = '['/sbin/boot Option', '-rp']', outfile = 'None', returnoutput = 'True', timeout = '0.0'.