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He even likened the Prime Minister to Hitler by comparing this week's terrorist atrocity with the Reichstag Fire, which many believe was started by the Nazis to give them an excuse to establish a dictatorship. #reichstag Fire.'But he quickly faced a huge backlash from other users, who branded his remark 'gross and absurd' and 'sick'. Others said the 'timing' of the attack at the Manchester Arena was 'too convenient' and that the Conservatives had 'something to do' with it.The comments came after Hound, who has previously starred on TV shows including Celebrity Juice, responded to a message that stated: 'Given that the attacker was known to MI5, the timing seems fortunate for May that an attack 'slips through' as Labour are making progress.'The comedian posted: 'Apologies for mild tinhattedness, but I've been thinking the same. One wrote: 'Delete all these tweets and apologise unreservedly and properly.'Bowing to the wave of condemnation, Hound then posted a series of tweets apologising and trying to explain away what he had said. Look, I'm probably from too cynical, but I struggle believing our establishment is incapable of great evil. They suggested the dip in Mrs May's poll lead over Labour meant the party 'needed a boost'. tories getting a battering due to their manifesto & policies and then 'bombs' go off in Manchester Arena...But I never close my mind to private interest groups.

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Hound, who has been a staunch supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, made the extraordinary allegation on Twitter. I can only apologise to anyone who thinks I meant that tweet lightly. 'But we're being governed by people who start wars and bomb innocents and whose austerity is killing our brothers and sisters. They included former X-factor star Steve Brookstein, who insisted there were 'dark forces' at work and suggested the 'military industrial complex' could be to blame.If you're not, sorry,' he wrote.'I guess, I'm not really alleging it as true, more that I don't believe our establishment is incapable of such evil. 'Brookstein, 48, who won the first X-Factor series in 2004, tweeted: 'False flags are not imaginary. I'm not saying 100% but the coincidence is concerning.' One reply to his comments stated bluntly: 'What an utter imbecile.' The singer added later: 'It was probably a lone nutjob. If you feel I did,then I completely and utterly apologise.' It is the latest row over conspiracy theorists making bizarre claims on social media after the suicide bombing at a teen pop concert in Manchester, which killed 22 and injured scores more.Depending where you sit, and as long as you're not too shy or easily offended, a comedy night can be a great evening out.

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Highlight, now part of the brand new Maluko Tiki/Beach bar concept in Leeds city centre, on the corner of Great George Street and Albion Street, is an ideal big night out venue for stand up comedy lovers with Foster's Comedy Live shows on every Friday and Saturday night from 7pm.However, from an engineering perspective it was rather conventional, using a 4-cylinder all-iron overhead valve engine in 1250 or 1500 capacities driving a coil spring suspended live axle at the rear wheels.