Online dating marin county

30-May-2017 06:31

”Annoyingly, though most of us have a sense of what context is, nobody’s done a very good job of defining it—either in the dictionary or in Researchville, where I found a herd of dueling definitions, all so unhelpfully worded that they seem to be in secret code.So here’s my definition: Context is a combo platter of the particular situation at hand, plus the details relevant to it that affect how you understand or experience the situation.In a county that many would consider one of the most bucolic in the country — with locales like Point Bonita Lighthouse, Mount Tam, Bolinas Ridge and Cataract Falls, just to name a few — you’d think romance would be blossoming.Taking the pulse of a few hearts, we got a closer look at just what the state of love is in Marin.Q: You’ve answered some questions about online dating recently, but I haven’t seen you mention dating sites that do criminal background checks.Do you think it’s a smart idea to sign up for one of these, or is it just more marketing hogwash?In the context of online dating, the relevant details include age, sex, the quality of the competition and one’s desired situation, as in: Do you just want casual sex, or are you holding out for something a little more, uh, black tie?There are sex differences in when people are at their most appealing, because men and women tend to be at their highest “mate value” at different ages.

“So even as a married couple, you feel like you need a dog at the very least to be here,” quips San Anselmo mother of two and writer Ariana Amini.

When Adam Chassin, senior director of strategic business development for Yahoo (who then lived in New York City), proposed to Alison, a communications manager at Shell and now his wife of six years (who grew up in Marin), he chose the top of Mount Tam to pop the question.