Made in chelsea francis boulle speed dating

11-Jul-2017 18:16

However, despite the flirting, Francis decided it wasn’t ever going to happen between them and so took himself speed-dating where he met Ashley.

But in true Chelsea style at the same time Sophia decided it was Francis she wanted and dumped Proudlock and headed to Francis’ house.

) it was Pop Up Speeddating’s moment in the spotlight.

A few lines to round off the event, some background action as we collected the rate cards from our datables and a bit of on screen time with our stars (Pop Up Speeddating hosts thoroughly enjoyed some banter with Francis) and that was a wrap for Pop Up Speeddating meets Made In Chelsea.

They fill in their rate cards as they go along, at the end of the night highlight anyone that they would like to see again and Pop Up Speeddating will let them know if there are any matches.

Pop Up Speeddating attendees took to the event like single ducks to water, jumping from potential match to potential match with our Chelsea boys in the centre of it all enjoying the ladies that arrived at their tables.

but she has certainly made her impression on the men.

The series concluded on 17 December 2012 after 10 episodes, however a 60-minute Christmas special episode aired immediately after the series on 24 December 2012, which was then followed by an end of season special presented by Rick Edwards on 31 December 2012 featuring a reunion of the cast to discuss events from the series.Both proved hugely popular as Stevie’s boyish looks rivalled Francis’s slightly eccentric tastes and sly chat.