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21-Aug-2016 12:28

Obviously the press wanted to know all about it and it soon transpired that her husband had not been at home when the break-in occurred.

officer Joe Weisberg, brother of *Slate’*s Jacob.) Earning two Emmy nominations after its first season—the second debuts next month—the drama drew raves for its complex portrait of a sham marriage, posing the eternal question: When two agents are “spouses,” can they remain emotionally unentangled?I guess this particular project, it just seemed exciting to me. She throws back her head full tilt and laughs in a way that no one is supposed to laugh in fancy hotel bars.It's an unknown, and I think I was willing to bet on the unknown, even if it fails. "Show me her picture, I probably recognize her," she says. "People don't really care when they see me," she says.The woman I'm used to seeing has pale, milky skin — her thirty-four-year-old face is, in fact, still fresh — and wears her curly hair pulled back into a loose bun. This woman, the woman with the smoky eyes, is a movie star, and movie stars, no matter what the tabloids tell you, are nothing like the rest of us. It's him in his sweet spot, and I'm just kind of tagging along." She wasn't looking to do comedy, she explains, and she certainly wasn't looking to go back to the grind of shooting a TV series, but she liked and hasn't really liked a lot of the movies she's been making lately.

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This woman, the one in front of me choosing between a martini and a glass of wine, is still made up from her shoot and has smoky eyes and bronzed skin and tousled bedroom hair. We order our drinks — she settles on a glass of Sancerre, explaining that she just had a martini last week — and we quickly dispatch with the reason for our meeting: her role on the new Fox sitcom creator Mitch Hurwitz and starring Will Arnett as a wealthy man-child and Russell as the object of his affection. "Honestly, it's been a not great couple of years in film, and I haven't been totally inspired by them. So you following me." I admit that I know where she lives. I even show her the gym text from my wife, and this really sets her off.I broach the subject of our living in the same neighborhood, and I mention that I've seen her around. She uses sarcasm even though she probably knows sarcasm never reads in print.