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And yet I have often picked up a “Regency” romance, only to find that it is set in 1823 and not set in the Regency at all!The Regency lasted a mere nine years, from February 1811 until January 1820. He was declared incapable of ruling because of mental incapacity and the Regency Act was passed the following year making his son George Prince Regent to rule in his stead.As a young man, George IV was a handsome and personable figure, described as “the first gentleman of England”.The romantic figure of Prinny had almost disappeared by the time the long-awaited Regency started.Think that Russian women are the most brilliant all over the world and have considerate advantages to women of other nationalities? But do you know how to meet a Russian girls and build up serious relationships with her?Our dating site will give you a perfect chance to find a great variety of Russian girls’ pages, so that you will by all means like some of them.Thus, the period from 1810 to 1820 is known as England's .

He published a number of articles on farming and rural living under the surname "Farmer George." However by 1810, a genetic disorder had fully incapacitated the King and his son, the Prince Regent, stepped into power to rule in his father's place.The reign of Napoleon Bonaparte is now referred to as the - named after England's King George III.Unlike France, England enjoyed a stable political climate during this period.The Regency lasted until George III’s death in 1820 when the Regent became King George IV and was able to rule in his own right.

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The Regency period is epitomised by the Regent himself.

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