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Some of these movements have since spawned local chapters in cities all over the world.

One such group is Rails Girls KL, the Kuala Lumpur spinoff of the international volunteer community founded in Finland.

She has not eaten in five days - her head is spinning and a wall of photographers are blinding her with flashes as she punches and kicks the air with expert force.

And this is before she has even stepped foot in the cage.

Un resguardo creado por manos locales, contenido por el entorno selvatico, la bahia, y los eternos cambios de color en el cielo que vigila al mar abierto del Pacifico, permiten un espacio con infinitas perspectivas visuales y un resguardo enriquecido por la sintonia de la arquitectura con la naturaleza.

La maestría de la gastronomía mexicana vernácula complementa el arte de la conversación en espacios donde la luz actúa como un elemento transformativo, cambiando la escala y el volumen del espacio, así como nuestra percepción de él.

Se trata de un espacio en transformación constante por la luz.

Un gran laberinto cuyas salidas se abren y rematan en el oceano.

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She runs a small business and tries (often in vain) to fit in time with friends and family.The 60-year-old activist — who suffers from hypertension, high blood pressure and osteoarthritis — is reportedly being held in solitary confinement in a cell without windows and with lights kept on around the clock.“This amounts to torture,” says a statement from the Joint Action Group for Gender Equality, a coalition of women's groups.Rights activists say Chin’s detention is unprecedented.follows Malaysia's first professional female mixed martial arts fighter as she prepares to face Egyptian kickboxing champion Walaa Abbas.

Notorious for its brutality, this fierce sport is male dominated and often ends with blood splatters on the mat and knock-out blows. But now, sweaty and exhausted, she really wants us to go away. Preparation is crucial for every mixed martial arts fighter.Guides and materials are also open sourced on for organisers to use at the workshop and for participants to refer to afterwards.