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Make no mistake: Messaging apps are just getting started.Just this month, Facebook announced that Facebook Messenger would be spun off as a standalone app, while Twitter entered the race in its own way by eliminating the 140-character limit for Direct Messages.But in the emerging economies of the world, that’s pretty much how things already work, thanks to a growing number of deals Google and Facebook have struck with mobile phone carriers from the Philippines to Kenya.In essence, these deals give people free access to text-only version of things like Facebook news feeds, Gmail, and the first page of search results under plans like Facebook Zero or Google Free Zone.After you create an instance of the service, select it from the services section of your dashboard: Then select the plan you wish to use, and click Create.For this example, the button to get started: At this point it’s time to create a workspace.

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For people who have no Internet in the first place, the idea of net neutrality is not exactly top of mind.

Getting online cheaply in the first place is a greater concern, and the American companies are often enabling that to happen.

Internet access is expensive in developing countries—exorbitantly so for the vast majority of people.

In Kenya the top four websites are Google, Facebook, You Tube (which is owned by Google), and the Kenyan version of Google.

That pattern is fairly typical of Web usage in dozens of developing nations.

What I am going to share with you is a super simple chat bot designed for customer service.

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