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An Actual MMORPG – More than a simple social game, Pumpkin Online is a true MMORPG, with quests to undertake and challenges to overcome; much of the gameplay can be completed alone, with the help of NPCs, or with the help of other players. Customizable Characters – Start with a basic template, and then add and change features and clothes to create the avatar you want.Characters are not restricted by a traditional gender binary, and indeed, a character’s gender expression is quite free and up to the player to decide.Take for example western publisher and developer Bioware.Their games are huge journeys with large casts of characters, and a big part of their appeal is in the way you can become intimate with different people.And for rpg games i don't want a mmorpg :l just a single player one. but generally it costs a lot of money to make a good long game so most of the bigger games are not free.And i don't wanna have to buy it D: well if you don't want to buy it then you're going to be limited to fan games and flash games, and they usually aren't so good.

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Some original-English dating sims include Sim Girls, In a typical dating sim, the player controls a male avatar surrounded by female characters.

Pumpkin Online is a farming dating sim MMORPG set in an interactive, colorful and idyllic world.

Players in Pumpkin Online will have a very different path ahead of them than the path offered in many more traditional MMOs; instead of level grinding with battle and combat, Players in Pumpkin Online can also explore the world and undertake quests, and they can do it all with the help of their real life friends, or the new friends they will meet in the game!

talks about dating sims filling the void left by no boyfirends.

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It's mainly about lonely women in Japan turning to dating sims for simulated intimacy.The gameplay involves conversing with a selection of girls, attempting to increase their internal "love meter" through correct choices of dialogue.