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04-Sep-2016 16:03

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Aside from the questionable ethics of using someone’s upbringing to score political points, Miliband unwittingly offends the large swathes of privately-educated pupils who don’t have a trust fund, who do have to work hard and whose parents made huge sacrifices to afford them the privilege they enjoyed.

It is irrefutable that Britain has a problem with educational equality.

A study released this week by the Social Market Foundation shows that privately-educated pupils can earn up to 38 per cent more in their thirties than state-educated pupils.

Similarly, just over seven per cent of pupils are privately educated in Britain, and yet this seven per cent accounts for 40 per cent of Oxbridge admissions.

In the Darwinian world of high-school dating, freshman girls and senior boys have the highest chances of successfully partnering up. And they have found that for the most part, they're accurate.

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So are some other old prom-era chestnuts: Teen boys are primarily—obsessively?We had to figure out the one underlying thing that unites country-minded people from all walks of life. It doesn't matter whether you like walking or shooting, whether you grew up in the countryside or are just hoping to move there, whether you actually live in the countryside or just like to spend time there; if you think you're country-minded, the only thing you can't have is an aversion to mud!

“So there’s no need to negotiate safer sex.” [np-related] The per capita rate of new syphilis cases across Canada has soared almost 10-fold since 2000, according to the Public Health Agency of Canada.… continue reading »

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My uncle, whose hunting dogs all attended some fancy dog college in Virginia, and who as a young man had taught his black Lab to stand on its hind legs at fraternity parties and do the Cool Jerk, just called him “the worst dog in the history of the world.” Like the time he stopped eating.… continue reading »

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