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12-Jun-2017 18:14

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In the primitive society, the ancestors of the Chinese people lived in groups and had no fixed spouses, and they had sexual relationships indiscriminately with one another.

Owing to their weak gender awareness, they didn't felt ashamed and weren't bound by customs and etiquettes.

In fact, the United Nations Statistics Division reports that in 2007 only 1.6 out of 1000 marriages ended in divorce in China.

However, in 1985 the divorce rate was a mere 0.4 out of 1000. divorce rate was 5.2 per thousand, dramatically down from 7.9 in 1980.

As the second marriage taboo in Chinese history, exogamous marriage emerged in the middle and late Neolithic Age, which strictly banned the marriage between blood brothers and sisters, and it only allowed marriage among different social groups.

In the exogamous marriage stage, it was very common for the brothers of the same family to marry a wife from the other group, and she would be the wife of all the brothers in the family, and vice versa.

The legend went that Shun (one of the Three August Ones and the Five Lords) married Yao's daughters, Ehuang and Nvying, at the same time.

Until recently, the older generation was still calling most of the shots, but their influence is now waning.

It’s widely accepted that Chinese born in the 1980s and 1990s are more open-minded than their parents, especially when it comes to relationships.

After all, most of those parents grew up during a much more repressive period of China’s history, closed off from the rest of the world and subjected to harsher moral judgment.

It seems that the recent upward trend has been the result of several factors including China's famous one-child policy, new and easier divorce procedures, the growing population of white-collar females with high education and financial independence, and a general loosening of traditional conservative views, especially in urban areas.

At first glance, China's national divorce rate doesn't seem worrisome at all.

“Leftover women” is a term that often appears in discussions of relationships in China and describes women over the age of 27 or 28 who have not yet married.

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