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26-Mar-2017 07:10

OTTAWA -- Russia is using a post-Cold War agreement to conduct an aerial surveillance mission over Canadian military facilities this week, even as relations between the two countries remain frosty.

The five-day mission started Tuesday and involves an unarmed Russian aircraft flying to different parts of the country to take photos of Canadian Forces bases and other military installations.

Making the base more up to date, pedestrian-friendly and open is what the base is moving toward as part of a master plan to be rolled out over the next few years, replacing old buildings that date back to the Second World War and building new structures that are better suited not only to how soldiers train nowadays but also how they live.

First step: a new mess hall to improve the way the troops fuel up.

Completed last October after nearly 30 months of construction, the -million, 55,000-square-foot Curtiss Kitchen and Dining Hall — the name is an ode to a Second World War-era military aircraft manufacturer — is not what you’d imagine a mess hall would look like.

There’s floor-to-ceiling windows covering three sides of the one-storey building, giant decorative wooden arches evoking the surrounding forest and a small outdoor patio.

This one day Execu Trek to be held on 26 July 2017 and will visit Reservists training at Canadian Forces Base Borden.

As Borden is a major training base and home to the Canadian Forces Support Training Group there are significant numbers of Reservists engaged in career advancement and skills development courses on the base.

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On one wall is a glass mural with colour-block squares inspired by the stripes and medals on a soldier’s uniform, says Cordeiro.

Such flights aren't uncommon, with Canada having conducted its own monitoring mission over Russia this past November.

But this mission comes at a time when relations between Moscow and the West, including Canada, have reached what U. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson recently called "a low point." Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called out the Kremlin earlier this month for supporting the Syrian government, which has been blamed for a chemical attack that killed more than 80 people on April 7.

And in early 2015, search-and-rescue technician Sgt.

Mark Salesse was buried in an avalanche while training in Banff National Park.

The military says details of their medical condition will not be disclosed at this time. Paul Wynnyk, commander of the Canadian Army, said in a statement.