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27-Jun-2017 20:09

Hearst’s Consumer Marketing division collaborates frequently with the Cosmopolitan team on ideas that extend the brand experience beyond the page.

The tiger selfies, the shot of you doing a handstand at Machu Picchu, the picture of you naked-tractor-riding — these pics will not get you a date. Introducing yourself in a few hundred characters can be so tricky for daters that many opt out—or write something like, “Filling this out does not tell the story of an individual, just what that individual yearns to be.” Huh? I swipe left for unfortunate typos, such as “I want to take you horse ridding.” I don’t like it when a guy states his height and then says something like, “Since that seems to matter to so many of you on here! Finally, don’t waste characters writing captions like, “That baby is my nephew.” An online dating profile is no place for a picture of someone else’s baby. Write that you’re 5´7˝ and that you’re recently separated and have two kids, and that Facebook is to blame for your age being listed as 28, even though you’re actually 40.

Simultaneously, TV Land reached out to us about crafting a marketing program to drive tune-in for the Season 3 premiere while elevating awareness for our two-part feature in the November and December issues.

Why did you feel “Younger” and Cosmo were ideal partners?

Here, both sides share some details on how the partnership came to be and what role each has played so far in its success.

Michelle Spinale, VP, Consumer Engagement & Consumer Marketing, Hearst min: How did Cosmo’s partnership with TV Land come about?

For example, I went on a date with a guy who wrote, “I’m going to race a tuk tuk across India for charity.” I definitely want to see him again when he returns from this odyssey, sore tuchus and all.

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