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20-May-2017 22:30

The image of a tall, bearded man bearing the marks of crucifixion that adorn the Turin shroud has never been adequately explained.

Those who have attempted to answer the vexed question of the shroud's origins have often found themselves accused of poor science, even vested interests.

However, we leave the actual task of understanding radiocarbon dating to the boffin elite – we accept their conclusions blindly, respect the precision of their equipment and admire their genius.

In truth, the principles of radiocarbon dating are astoundingly simple and readily accessible.

While researchers proclaim the first half of our 4.5 billion-year-old planet's life as an important time for the development and evolution of early bacteria, evidence for these life forms remains sparse including how they survived at a time when oxygen levels in the atmosphere were less than one-thousandth of one percent of what they are today.

Recent geology research from the University of Cincinnati presents new evidence for bacteria found fossilized in two separate locations in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa.

Washing the body made the wounds sticky, so the cloth stuck fast and became impregnated with bacteria.

Finally, says Mattingly, the bacteria died, shedding proteins that oxidised, causing a stain in the cloth that turned yellow and darkened.

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The team also found bubbles in the slime coating like those produced by methane-breathing bacteria, and trackways across the bones likely left by the bacteria as they scooted through the slime."Bacteria are nowhere near as exciting as soft tissues," Kaye said of his findings.

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