Americas predating europeans in the americas

02-Oct-2016 21:19

There is hard evidence of ancient civilizations making their mark in places where, according to traditionally accepted history, they just shouldn't be.

Here's an overview of some of the most remarkable and fascinating cases.

The discovery raised tantalizing questions that came to haunt Sutherland and drive more than a decade of dogged scientific sleuthing.

Had a Norse party landed on the remote Baffin Island coast and made friendly contact with its native hunters?

Weeks later an expert on Viking textiles informed her that the Canadian strands were dead ringers for yarn made by Norse women in Greenland.

“That stopped me in my tracks,” Sutherland recalls.

For one thing, there were already people here -- many Native American nations inhabited what later became known as North and South America and even the Caribbean islands where Columbus landed.

Columbus probably wasn't even the first "white man" to make it here.

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There were many speculations as to why they have African features, but no one could agree on a theory, and African American scholars like Dr.Made of short hairs plucked from the pelt of an arctic hare, the cordage bore little resemblance to the sinew that Arctic hunters twisted into string. The answer eluded the old priest, so he boxed up the strands with the rest of his finds and delivered them to the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, Quebec. Then one day in 1999 Sutherland, an Arctic archaeologist at the museum, slipped the strands under a microscope and saw that someone had spun the short hairs into soft yarn. Years earlier, while helping to excavate a Viking farmhouse in Greenland, she had seen colleagues dig bits of similar yarn from the floor of a weaving room.