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Before presenting instructions to ELL students, it is necessary to know how fluent they are with the English language. Visually – Students need to see what they are learning.Kinesthetic – Students need teachers to physically “walk’ them through in order to get a clear understanding of what they are learning. Find the most effective way to communicate with ELL student.Accommodating ELL Students February 23, 2011 AED/200 Ten Ways to Teach ELL Students I.Read a story I think this will benefit ELL students because as they read English words and actually see the words it will become easier for them to learn.It will also teach them how to pronounce the words as well. Listen to a story Listening to a story will help an ELL student actually hear the way the English language is spoken and will help them speak it properly. Define and visualize the words If we show the ELL student a picture of the word they are learning along with telling what the word means it will help them recognize and memorize that word. Help them define the different parts of speech This will help the ELL student recognize things like word order in sentences and sentence structure.It will also help them learn things like nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. Help them categorize words This will help the ELL student understand the meaning of the words and recognize the sound of the word. Create activities By giving them activities like a worksheet it can make learning new words exciting and fun. Give them visuals If we can create a certain visual for the ELL student it can help them recognize the word.

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I would also have classroom games and activities that would be engaging and help my students create a bridge between their native language and English.

Whether you are teaching overseas or here in North America, your classroom will be filled with a variety of students, including ESL students that come from a variety of cultures, learning styles, educational backgrounds, and language skills.

As an aspiring teacher the first step I would take to ensure the success of these students would be to make sure that all of my students have respect for each other and make sure that there is not discrimination against students because of their differences or disabilities.

Also making sure that my ELL student(s) are participating and working well together with my other students would be a plus.As a new educator who will be teaching in a diverse classroom, I understand the importance of ensuring the success of all ELL students.